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Tenant Build-Outs


Updated January 5, 2015

Managed by Tenant


  • Copy of Lease Language with Landlord vs. Tenant Obligations (Building Work Letter/Allowance).
  • All Appropriate Certificates of Insurance listing Landlord and Property Manager as Additionally Insured.
  • Property Manager to address all items with the contractor and tenant on the Property Management Construction checklist, (attached above).
  • Understanding of Commencement Date, any Trigger Dates, and Tenant Delay Language
  • Understanding of Penalties for Delays.
  • Bedrock Construction and Engineering to Review and Approve all Plans prior to start of construction.
  • Space Plans and CDs approved by Landlord and Tenant in writing.
  • List of all Contractors and Sub-Contractors.
  • Approved AIA Contract (Signed by All Parties) – BACKGROUND CHECKS for all subs.
  • Contractor and Tenant to Receive Copies of Landlord ‘preferred’ Building Standards including: Hot Work Permit, General Conditions/Rules and Regulations, and HEPTA Controls Specifications
  • Contractor to provide a timeline and attend weekly meetings that are set up by Bedrock. The Property Manager should attend the meetings and bring in Bedrock Construction or Engineering throughout the entire process in order to review installations or changes, as well as keep project on track.
  • Determine where contractors are authorized to store supplies.
  • Are construction signs or banners necessary?
  • Approved Process for Change Orders (Contractor understanding)
  • Process for payments and partial to full waivers in place.
  • Notice of Commencement – Signed Signage Package Approved by Landlord (interior & exterior).
  • If Floor Coring is needed, proper notice to Bedrock is required.
  • Integration of all lighting, metering and mechanical must be coordinated with Bedrock Engineering.
  • Confirm heating/cooling and ventilation in any restrooms being constructed
  • Keying to be approved or handled by Property Management. Cost must be included in project.
  • Suite entry key must be on a construction core during the entire construction phase of the project.
  • Confirm Emon Metering for all electricity.
  • Fire Safety Plans (if necessary), along with extinguishers, etc. to meet all codes.
  • Tenant/Contractor must coordinate all fire alarm testing and inspections with the Property Manager, with at least 48 hours notice!
  • Punch-list walk through attended by Property Manager, Bedrock Construction and Engineering.
  • Equipment list and any warranties given to both tenant and Bedrock.
  • Address locations for any trash (if restaurant) and grease traps.
  • Certificate of Occupancy, temporary C of O at end of project, or approved Final Building Inspection Sticker.
  • Property Management
  • Lease Summary
  • Commencement Letter
  • Tenant Move In Checklist – (copy to Accounting)
  • Set up Tenant in Outlook, Landport, Oakland Utilities and with janitorial company
  • Get initial meter readings
  • BLocal
  • Deliver Tenant Gift and Handbook (Flashcards)
  • Update Command Center


  • Tenant and approved contractors shall please provide a detailed schedule as part of this proposal to meet the Tenant Occupancy requirements on or before the date specified. Contractor shall properly schedule, expedite and coordinate its materials, equipment and labor and agrees to work overtime at its expense when required to meet the completion durations set forth in this Contract.
  • Tenant and approved contractors shall fully understand and agree to the terms of the Contractor Rules and Regulations for this property.
  • Tenant and approved contractors shall include all permits, fees, licenses, etc. required specifically to complete this scope of work.
  • Tenant and approved contractors shall comply with all federal, state, and local codes and ordinances and will schedule and attend all required municipal inspections
  • All materials shall be new and all workmanship materials are guaranteed for a minimum of One (1) Year from the date of Substantial Completion
  • Perform all the necessary demolition of concrete, partition walls, floor covering, base, millwork, acoustical ceilings, lights, HVAC, electrical, voice/data/IT, plumbing, and miscellaneous items necessary to commence with the build-out
  • Disconnect all the necessary utilities including mechanical, electrical, fire protection, fire alarm, IT/voice/data, and security to prepare the space for the proposed construction without interrupting service to the Main building or occupied tenant spaces
  • Confirm the existing and proposed finished ceiling heights for the build-out
  • Confirm and specify if there are any full height partitions to the deck
  • Specify if there are any bulkhead, soffits or hard lid drywall ceilings
  • Include all floor prep including smooth transitions to all dissimilar floor materials, existing floor cracks, and at construction joints for a level surface.
  • Provide and install the necessary sanitary sewer and domestic water distribution to the proposed fixtures.
  • Provide and install all commercial grade plumbing fixtures including sinks, faucets, disposal, water cooler, service sink, water heaters.
  • Include plumbing prep for dishwasher, coffee maker, ice maker, or other.
  • Specify appliances included in your proposal including, but not limited to dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, ice maker, coffee maker, or other.
  • Include drain for Server Room cooling unit
  • Confirmed that the existing HVAC system has capacity for the proposed use group
  • Rework the existing ductwork system and zoning per the building standards and municipal building codes.
  • Provide and install new and re-use existing thermostats and temperature controls.
  • Temperature controls shall be connected and compatible to the existing Building Management System including the necessary updates to the graphics on the front end of the BMS Computer, and in compliance with the approved Bedrock Smart Integration Specification
  • If required, include standalone Server Room cooling system unit, separately metered at the electrical panel. Specify the manufacturer, size, and capacity of the proposed unit (Unit shall not be tied into existing building systems such as cooling tower)
  • Re-use or supplement new diffusers and grilles to match the existing building standards
  • Specify if providing and installing additional exhaust fans or specialty HVAC equipment
  • Provide a certified HVAC balancing report
  • Confirm that the existing electrical service has sufficient capacity for the proposed build-out including, but not limited to all general power, lighting, mechanical and specialty equipment. All tenant electrical power usage shall be metered per the approved Bedrock Smart Integration Specification
  • Specify the quantity for general power requirements including standard duplex, quad, GFI receptacles; dedicated circuits; furniture/cubicle power.
  • Re-use or supplement new light fixtures to match the existing fixtures.
  • Specify the quantity of new and existing light fixtures, switches, and motion sensors for the proposed build-out
  • Building standard light fixtures and motion control lighting system shall be provided and installed per code, and per the Bedrock Smart Integration Specification.
  • Provide and install all the necessary exit signs and emergency lighting to meet the building code.
  • Provide and install a Fire Alarm system including design drawings, calculations, and product data for permit submittal and approval that is compatible with the existing system to meet all municipal codes. An Allowance will not be accepted.
  • Modify the existing wet fire protection system to meet all the necessary codes. An Allowance will not be accepted.
  • Include Fire Protection design drawings, calculations, and product data required by the local municipality for permit submittal and approval.
  • Specify if any Specialty Fire Protection Systems are included
  • Include all the necessary fire extinguishers required by the local municipality for occupancy. Specify if wall hung or recessed cabinets.
  • Supply and install window treatments as required and approved by building management
  • Specify any miscellaneous specialties included in your proposal.
  • Include general construction and final cleaning of the space
  • Include signage required by code for final occupancy to match the current building standard
  • Insure all building system equipment (Fire devices, dampers, HVAC controls, etc.) that require periodic testing and inspection, or preventative maintenance is accessible by building and contractor personnel, and if required access panels, etc. must be part of the final design.
  • A punch list and commissioning of the final installed project, as designed, must be performed with the architect/engineer, installing contractors, and Bedrock site personnel, with final sign off by property management